Anonymous. Water snakes, on the other hand, are commonly seen underwater searching for prey. Source(s): Not a swimming hole, but while hiking in montana with my brother and mom, we were on a path in the mountains of the bitter root valley, when a rattle snake slithered across the path and stopped in the middle. Here is a very large black snake. Both Check out some comparison pictures of copperheads and water snakes. On the contrary, non-venomous snakes sink below the surface when stationary. 4 years ago. They’re all over the US. Most people know copperheads are the most abundant species of … Copperheads, however, only have one row of ventral scales all the way down to their tail tip. 4 Responses to Swimming Holes and Copperheads. Where do copperhead snakes live? These snakes are known to hang out towards the southeast of the US. Northern copperheads range from Massachusetts to Florida to Nebraska. The Northern species actually has the largest range out of all the copperhead species. If you encounter a snake on top of the water like the snake seen above, this is a good indicator of a venomous snake. The copperhead is a poisonous pit viper, endemic to the eastern states of the US. While copperheads aren't averse to swimming across a creek or such, diving underwater for a food item would be incredibly out of character for one. Do Copperheads Swim. The Young Hunter's Alternative. Head Shape. Daniel T. 0 0. Don't let anybody tell you that snakes can not swim underwater. Source(s): 30+ years of catching and keeping snakes. rpcvmama27 says: September 4, 2015 at 9:14 am. Copperhead snakes have wide, triangular or arrow-shaped heads, similar to other pit vipers like rattlesnakes. Outdoorsmen know to keep an eye out for copperheads when they're in the woods, but now the venomous snakes are gathering in groups on freshly mowed lawns. Young Copperheads do not have the same strengths to tackle large prey as adults, so their diet consists mostly of smaller insects. 0 0. Copperheads have probably generated more fear, questions and myths than any other species of Missouri snake. Interestingly, Copperheads eat only up to 12 times a year. ALL snakes can swim, and BITE, underwater. Watch as he swims underwater. Do Poisonous Water Snakes Swim and Float? They’ve also been reported in Georgia, Alabama, and Illinois. Their head is the only part of their body that can be seen above the water. Copperheads’ undersides are cream-colored, with dark brown uneven blotches that can sometimes look like a checkered pattern. 1 of 32. Pit vipers are a group of snakes that are found throughout much of the world and are so named for a pair of pits located between the eyes and nostrils which give them the ability to “see” infrared heat. Though all snakes swim on top of the water, poisonous water snakes can float when they stop. Like most of the snake species, the Copperheads eat their prey whole, utilizing the flexibility of their hinged jaws. Copperheads will eat fish, and unless you've ever seen a snake with a fishing pole, there's only one way a snake can catch 'em!