Race data affects the funding of government programs that provide services for specific groups. *This quiz is designed to assess what type of people you are attracted to. What is her ethnicity? If you would like to share your own experience with these estimates, or if you have questions about something that you read in this post, I would love to hear from you in the discussion below. Anoniemus. Answer Save. Also you are talking about race not ethnicity, they're two different things but are easily mixed up. Why are Jews considered an ethnicity? Human. You may be white, or African American, or Hispanic, but what if you look like another ethnic group? Allow me to illustrate: Author Ruskin Bond, an Anglo-Indian, was born and raised in India and is of British descent. For example an Ethiopian (race) child adopted at birth, brought to Australia (nationality) by a traditionally Asian family (ethnicity). 1 decade … Ethinicity Question regarding ethnic Judaism. Favorite Answer. Yoda. 1 decade ago. Poll: What ethnicity are you? I guess you won't hear from Karl because his usual argument won't work.   Race Data . Like a lot of Americans, I don't have a simple answer. Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mecsdeboy, Jun 17, 2020. https://www.patreon.com/originofeverythingWhat's the difference between race and ethnicity? According to the U.S. Census Bureau website, they ask about race and ethnicity because they’re collecting information about civil rights. What is an ethnicity estimate NOT? Inevitably, the awkward ethnicity question came, “What […] While race might be derived from the color of your skin, ethnicity takes into account your cultural construct. (Read more on this in the last part of this post) Scroll down to continue reading. Just for fun. How bad is racism against British Asians in UK politics? *Then you'll received feedback on your results and how you compare to others! Ethnicity Question. Waiting in line, a classmate would grab my wrist and hold up her pale forearm next to my tanned brown one. What race/ethnicity are you? For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What ethnicity are you?" :) How bad is racism against British Asians in UK politics? #15 soshilovelife, Apr 17, 2018. I'm no doctor, but I have certainly been through the ringer and can tell you what I did to deal with this that and the other. 23 Answers. Are you defined more by your ethnicity or nationality? BQ: What about your Ethnicity makes you proud? 0 | 0. - Page 2. They regard ethnicity as a product of specific kinds of inter-group interactions, rather than an essential quality inherent to human groups. ‘Indian’ is a nationality. Furthermore, you have no control over your race; it’s how you’re perceived by others.” Conley, like other sociologists, argues that ethnicity is more fluid and crosses racial lines: “I have a friend who was born in Korea to Korean parents, but as an infant, she was adopted by an Italian family in Italy. What ethnicity are you? He identifies as Indian. I hope that this post has helped you understand more about what ethnicity estimates mean, how to understand them, and whether they are accurate. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What ethnicity are you?" You look like you are of north African decent and they are North Africa or Northern Africa is the northernmost region of Africa. 0 | 0. Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican-born father and an Indian-born mother. 1 decade ago. I really can't identify as one ethnicity. Why does this forum have a disproportionately high number of ethnic minorities? This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. An ethnicity estimate can only tell you information about the DNA that you did inherit from your ancestors and can tell you nothing about the DNA that you did not inherit. Comparison chart. “What are you?” After spending my summer days in the pool and sun, it was a question that I heard at the beginning of almost every school year. It can also be based on your geography or your family's origin. Indians are surprisingly diverse in terms of ethnicity and racial features. Senator and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has an interesting family tree. I often envy people like my friends who know they are of Irish ancestry or Polish ancestry or half-Chinese, half-Italian ancestry. I'm proud of it because I think I having a different type of beauty - much more elegant and dark. Figure out what ethnic group would most probably have your soul mate! i don't know were i'm from!! Any other professional ethnic men feel like frauds? Armenian ethnicity is an important topic for them who are interested in the origin and history of this ancient country. Favourite answer. Nationality: passport/residency. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :) Heinz Company, which claimed to offer “57 varieties” of comestible. Ethnicity is how you identify based on nationality, language, culture and religion. Fun. Are you defined more by your ethnicity or nationality? *You'll be asked to rate the attractiveness of 50 different people. U.S. 31.1m members in the AskReddit community. I want everyone, young and old, out there to know that you are amazing for who you are. What ethnicity are you? 1 1. I don’t find many black or white men to be attractive. Finally, an Answer to the "What Are You?" 1 decade ago. Answer Save. We asked students at Southern Adventist University: What ethnicity are you most attracted to and why? The natives won't accept you-wait, that doesn't work. Unless you're specifically talking of the native people. @ Jews can you please help me? Ethnicity means YOUR cultures, customs, affiliations and associations, so the food YOU eat the language YOU speak, it is nothing to do with where your ancestors once immigrated from. When you think of your ethnicity, you look beyond your physical characteristics to traits that you share with the culture around you. Robert McHenry - May 7, 2007 My father delighted in describing his ethnic heritage as “Heinz 57,” alluding to the slogan of the H.J. Anonymous. 1 y. I don’t have one. You can have more than one ethnicities but you are said to have one race, even if it's "mixed race". =P. Also proud because of brilliant Greeks are :-) 5 2. pomosimulacrum. Let's find out if you do or don't! I'm white but favor my ancestry greatly - Mediterranean. Tags: mecsdeboy; race; Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > … The United Nations definition of "North Africa" includes seven countries and territories; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and Western Sahara. :D Persian and Russian blood run through my veins. Race and ethnicity don't show up at the genetic level, but the concept of race still forms the human experience. If you are born in America regardless of the colour of your skin you are American and your ethnicity is also American . 0 | 0. Is this still revelant? Your race is determined by how you look while your ethnicity is determined based on the social and cultural groups you belong to. Many social scientists, such as anthropologists Fredrik Barth and Eric Wolf, do not consider ethnic identity to be universal. You may wonder why you’re asked about race and ethnicity when you complete medical forms or job applications. Join us on Patreon! What Ethnicity are you? - Page 3. Is this still revelant? Ethnicity: what was around you and how you grew up. : 9/18/2016 07:47:03 [TNW] Commander Vimes Level 37 Report: Mixed Hispanic and Eastern-European white. CinnamonToastMunch. There aren’t many Asian men who are and thought there are Latin men, they are few and far between. Take this quiz and get your answer! r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Anonymous. Why are people so obsessed with ethnicity? I'm all irish. What is my ethnicity and my race? Ethnicity is an important means by which people may identify with a larger group. 0 | 0. If you ever need a fellow marfan's beholder to talk to, I am happy to listen. Relevance. Relevance. For as long as I can remember, friends, colleagues, and strangers have asked me this question, unable to place my ethnicity. If you are among them then you are in the right place. Ethnicity: What Are You? 30 Answers.

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