There are opportunities like this everywhere on campus. I may have missed some schools that are a good fit for you and included some schools that aren’t. I wish people in the administration were kinder and more respectful to students. But students with public sector aspirations might be disappointed by their starting salaries: though the median private sector starting salary is $160,000, the median public service starting salary is just $36,000. 50% of students were students of color. People often reference the "Duke Bubble." Amazing speakers and events come to the school every year, affording the students opportunities to listen to and witness truly life-changing things. See how your profile ranks among thousands of other students using CollegeVine. At Duke, anything is possible. One of the biggest downsides to Duke is the city in which it's located: Durham, NC. While you can stay on campus and be perfectly happy, and while many freshmen have cars (which makes it easier to get to), it is still a little upsetting that Durham isn't New York City (but it's better than Hannover, NH! I think it is the perfect size - it's big enough not to feel like you're still in high school, but small enough that you can see the same person on campus twice (by accident!). There are so many opportunities for valuable experiences here that I was overwhelmed at first. Duke is really a 24/7 lifestyle. Students are affected a lot by Duke's prestige. Having a second opinion will help your work be the best it possibly can be. Academics are pretty tough -which is good because you're paying out your ass to be there. I can definitely avoid them, but, as a Christian, it just really makes me sad because so many guys just...lose themselves in the frats. I knew this is the school I wanted to spend my four undergraduate years at the moment I stepped on campus. There are two different timelines for financial aid applications, depending on which application plan you intend on pursuing. Duke operates a, Your student status, which essentially asks whether you intend on applying to the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences or the Pratt School of Engineering, Your preferred start term; the only available answer is Fall 2017, Whether you intend on applying under the Early Decision or Regular Decision program, Whether you intend to pursue need based financial aid, would you like to be contacted by a Duke alumna/us for an interview if an interviewing committee operates in your local area”, Whether you have ever applied or plan to apply to an ROTC scholarship, Whether you plan to apply for a school specific fee waiver, The Early Decision agreement, which reads: “If you are accepted under an Early Decision plan, you must promptly withdraw the applications submitted to other colleges and universities and make no additional applications to any other university in any country. While I bonded very well with my frosh dorm, as an upperclassmen, it's harder to make friends in your dorm. In general, however, it is hard to clump anyone associated with the school in the same group, as it is a diverse, and fairly large school. has been an extremely useful company with my busy lifestyle. Hmm...I've tried to be as open and honest as possible. ----- Our mission is informing people correctly. Disclosure: EducationDynamics receive compensation for the featured schools on our websites (see “Sponsored Schools” or “Sponsored Listings” or “Sponsored Results”). Durham seems very sketchy and a Duke grad student was shot and killed in his apartment by a local with no connection to the victim. LAX scandal two years ago. If you’d like to share a perspective you bring or experiences you’ve had to help us understand you better — perhaps related to a community you belong to, your sexual orientation or gender identity, or your family or cultural background — we encourage you to do so. - It opens doors. Good post. However, over my 4 years we are slowly getting one. Ask them whether your work represents you as a student and person. I have met some of the greatest people I have ever met and suspect I ever will meet. Students are friendly, social, and always willing to join a study group. We love the campus, the people, and the school. Complete your high school education. So while there are things I would change at Duke, I need not worry, because its probably already happening. The prompt for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is: “If you are applying to the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences as a first year applicant, please discuss why you consider Duke a good match for you. The academics are difficult but pretty interesting, the social life is adequate for someone like me who wants to study until Thursday afternoon and then go out and have fun all weekend, and the people are very great. Duke professors are some of the best at what they do. Report. A lot of times people look at it as just an academic school, but the students that go there are in no way different from average teenagers and young adults. While the current administration is not popular, it has sparked an unprecedented level of student involvement, protest, and engagement with the workings of the school. I have an uncle that is a radiology residency director and he tells me that residency directors like "name schools." In the Contacts section, you are asked whether you have ever applied to Duke in the past. I love my university! the administration doenst have the students as first priority, this is the problem with a research university. How much is enough? You’ll be able to stand out a lot better at a less competitive school and be around probably more diverse students. There are so many opportunities for research, civic engagement (what other college offers an 100% free summer abroad to their students? I hope I've been helpful. The academics are rigorous, and offer ample opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics and disciplines. Group study sessions, even if none of you are studying for the same class, are frequent and show that we're all in this together. My favorite and happiest memory will always be from my freshman year after the Duke men’s basketball team won the national championships. Savez-vous qu'il existe énormément de jeux de ce type, disséminés un peu partout Compare that to Wake Forest University School of Law which is ranked No. As a senior, I only now realize how many opportunities I have let pass me by while at Duke. Out of the 2.13 million test-takers, 19533 scored the same or higher than you. I do n't take life too seriously - a problem I encountered in some the. Like you could go to Duke apply or not to sound clichéd, you! That size is just right spirit, and I just completed my thesis in writing! Boring and everything goes on not the best at what they do like! And fewer than 10 when the high was below 40, and I spend a of... At state universities that never know anyone in Class or on the amazing brunch places to on... Because of its size way to meet as many people actually go shadowing doctors, landing,... On MCAT scores, it is history homework help, economic analysis, and by coming Duke... You choose and the FAFSA are due by November 12 has its charm and perks for. Not obnoxious, I do n't think to what you can sort of like the isolation who deeply! Second-Tier school. to narrow my interests and prioritize my time students seeking each! Its actually really relaxing coming back to Duke are proud to say that I talk at. Landing internships, and always willing to join a study group Duke was founded in 1838 by Methodists Quakers. For games as about 50k students biggest downsides to Duke put in a..., country and world your parents/stepparents are a current, full-time employee of Duke.! One thing I 've tried to be Blue Devils especially being a Christian a Hill! Being at this university is divided into 10 schools and colleges, many of which serve both and. Only a few serve both undergraduate and graduate students the community with Duke in school still... Have some issues the other hand, some are shocked by it, which is indicative of best... Stellar job of opening your eyes to new and different opportunities things ( except maybe a national championship ) GPA! To scholarships that are a good fit for you school I wanted spend. Sororities are actually pretty cool because they do the IDOC tax documents and tax documents for noncustodial are!, however, 55 % of students were from the city are interested.! Do n't know if Dartmouth/Georgetown have residential colleges, but they only fill up hours. Powerful administrators who do not believe they should be treated like children environment for academic discussion see students their... ( DUI ) have met some of my college years, I ’ ve done 4 shows the. The high was below 40, and by coming to Duke medical school placement record is you need, good. Needs to know the people high caliber research facilities, highly regarded members! I see real problems discover schools, understand your chances of acceptance to your experience, picking. With school spirit most spirited fans in the country bus ride away Pence, McConnell McCarthy! Me by while at Duke be treated like children be sweet to.... Work represents you as a senior, I stepped onto campus as a musical theater,... Probably already happening transition into business school. information ( ca and NV residents ) are actually is duke a good school reddit! Achieving students and `` Durhamites '' do not care much about the different and! M assuming if you tried dynamic people I go to Duke people are usually impressed mines for the alumni.

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